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The Educational Possibilities: an imperative for hope

The world is in crisis. Humanity is at risk. 7.7 billion people are confronted with three existential uncertainties: to the survival of planet earth, to cohesive societies because of the social and economic impact of expanding inequalities and to the individual sense of purpose and meaning.

Through transdisciplinary  action, across society and especially in education, “the capacity to invent visions of what should be and what might be in our deficit society” (Greene, 2000: p.20) is now essential.  This is social imagination.

The Cambridge Primary Review (2010) asked the question: What is the purpose of education? A decade later and the current answers are inadequate; how we educate is not preparing children for the uncertain futures which they will inherit. Building on the provenance of this exceptional study, new thinking and action are now vital. The Centre for Educational Possibilities is now an imperative.

When established, the Centre for Educational Possibilities is set to become a hub for expanding ideas on curriculum, pedagogy and children’s agency. It will research new knowledges, skills and pedagogies  to create inspiring resources for  educators across the globe. It will be a connected centre, hosted in Cambridge, but building active relationships amongst educators internationally.

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