Raising a Concern or Complaints


We strive to be a place in which children can learn happily and enthusiastically and where educators and administrators are empowered to be the best they can be. Schools are highly complex organisations and do not function like businesses because they deal with diverse members, from the young 650 children to the 1300+ parents as well as the wider education community.

As with any human community, we will make mistakes. There will be times when you disagree with our approach.  You will have your own opinions. However, we are a deeply reflective community and constantly review our work. This was acknowledged as a strength by Her Majesty’s Inspector in our Ofsted.

We want to know if you have a concern and we try to resolve matters before they become an informal or formal complaint. It is in both our interests to resolve quickly because we will spend considerable time in investigating and responding to concerns and complaints.  We ask therefore that you raise concerns responsibly and in a timely way.

See the school’s process for dealing with concerns below and the Complaints Policy for further details and information.

Raising a concern

Wanting to meet a teacher?

Please complete this form and email it to: enquiries@universityprimaryschool.org.uk.

Informal Stage

If your concerned has not been fully addressed and you would like to meet with a Phase Leader, please complete this form and email it to: enquiries@universityprimaryschool.org.uk.

Formal Stage 

Please complete this form and email to enquiries@universityprimaryschool.org.uk.

Making an Appeal

If you are still unsatisfied with the response you have received, you may escalate the complaint to request for an appeal by a Governors Panel. Please complete this form and send this to the Clerk to the Governors: gbclerk.admin@schoolschoice.org. The school’s Director of Business on 01223 792440 can support you to do this.

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the school’s complaints procedure, you are entitled to the refer a case to the Education and Skills Funding Agency.