Online Learning w/c 22.06.2020

This week you will receive a Reading for Pleasure video on Monday; on Tuesday and Thursday you will receive extra-curricular videos follow by a message from the class...


This week you will receive a Reading for Pleasure video on Monday; on Tuesday and Thursday you will receive extra-curricular videos follow by a message from the class teacher on Friday, as well as the next chapter in our story for Reading for Pleasure. All other video lessons will be links to BBC Bitesize, BBC Teach, Oak Academy and NCETM. Resources for the entire week will be available on this blog.

Many activities will link to the “Unlock Challenge”, a set of challenges tailored to each yeargroup that focuses on achievable curriculum skills to focus on before we return to school.

Unlock Challenge Year 6

Please find here a reminder on how to stay safe online.


Monday 22nd June 2020


Video – Coinage of the UK

Activity: Use multiplication and division problem solving skills to solve these Piggy Bank Problems

Challenge: NRICH Link – Money Bags

Unlock: Identify the Factors (to 100) Sheet 3

Multiplication and Division Piggy Bank Problems ANSWERS


This week you will be watching clips of different celebrities talking about their favourite books, from the BBC Teach series Bringing Books to Life, and completing activities linked to each video.

Video – Dick & Dom: George’s Marvelous Medicine

Activity: Write a set of instructions which tell the reader how to create their own marvelous medicine.

Challenge: Write an additional warning notice which details possible side effects of the potion.


Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Video – Multiplication Strategies

Activity: Continue using your knowledge of multiplication and division to practice your Problem Solving

Challenge: NRICH link – The Money Maze

Unlock: Identify the Factors (to 100) Sheet 4

Multiplication and Division Problem Solving ANSWERS


Video – Saira Khan: The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman

Activity: Predict what could happen next. How will Lyla escape? How does she get the royal Sulphur? Write this as the next chapter of the story.

Challenge: Write a summary of other stories you have read where the main character has had to solve a problem.


Wednesday 24th June 2020


Video – Revising ‘Factors’, ‘Multiples’ and ‘Common Factors’ in relation to fractions

Activity: Add Fractions with Denominators that are Multiples Activity Sheet

Challenge: Add Fractions with Denominators that are Multiples Challenge Sheet

Unlock: Identify the Factors (to 100) Sheet 5

Adding Fractions Activity Sheet ANSWERS

Adding Fractions Challenge Sheet ANSWERS


Video – Barney Harwood: The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross

Activity: Write a paragraph explaining the differences between the school and headmaster in this story, and our school and headteacher.

Challenge: How can you tell the Headmaster isn’t like other teachers? How does the author describe the Headmaster’s character? Create a character profile for the Demon Headmaster.


Thursday 25th June 2020


Video – The Greater Than Less Than Song

Activity: Comparing Fractions Activity Sheet

Challenge: Comparing Fractions Challenge Sheet

Unlock: Writing tenths and hundredths as percentages

Comparing Fractions Activity Sheet ANSWERS

Comparing Fractions Challenge Sheet ANSWERS


Video – Hannah England: Robo-Runners’ by Damian Harvey

Activity: Write a paragraph explaining how you know this book is set in the future and what is different about our world and where ‘Robo-Runners’ is set.

Challenge: Create your own imaginary world and write about it, detailing as much as you like. You could consider: climate, atmosphere, rules, inhabitants, language and entertainment.


Friday 26th June 2020


Video – Exploring the relationship between the numerator and denominator

Activity: Subtracting Fractions Activity Sheet

Challenge: Subtracting Fractions Challenge Sheet

Unlock: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Sheet 1

Subtracting Fractions Activity Sheet ANSWERS

Subtracting Fractions Challenge Sheet ANSWERS


Video – Doc Brown: The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle

Activity: Predict what could happen in the next chapter of the book, how would the gigglers help?

Challenge: Try writing a chapter of ‘The Giggler Treatment’ using humour.



Additional Resources for Maths

Please find below resources and websites that can be used to consolidate the home learning pupils are currently doing:


Additional Resources for English

Please find below resources and websites that can be used to consolidate the home learning pupils are currently doing:

If you would like to do additional writing, you can find ideas and stimuli here to prompt your writing. You can also find videos to watch and writing ideas at the Literacy Shed.




This is the perfect moment to explore lots of different books and read for pleasure. Please find below some links where you can listen to authors reading a large selection of books.

  • Audible (currently free)
  • First News is offering free weekly issues during this time frame.
  • Get Epic is an online library with 40,000 children’s titles available to read.
  • Oliver Jeffers’s will read one of his books every day. Readings will take place at 6pm UK time and are broadcast via Instagram Stories. All broadcasts have been recorded and will also be added to Jeffers’ website
  • Poets are reading out their poems here, with online prompts offering comprehension questions.
  • Storyline Online
  • Best children’s books about coronavirus (e-book downloads)

Our Guided Reading text this week is a News Article – London’s Oldest Theatre.

Activity 1 Retrieval Skills

Activity: Answer these questions.

Challenge: At the bottom of the article, there is a short glossary. Look through the article again and add to the glossary with what you think are tricky or topical words. For an extra challenge, specify whether the words are nouns, adjectives, verbs or adverbs – or something else altogether!

Activity 1 ANSWERS

Activity 2 Retrieval/Inference Skills

Activity: Using the information that is available to you in the text, create a poster advertising John Brayne’s “The Theatre” to local residents of London in the sixteenth-century.

Challenge: Create a similar poster for the Red Lion – there isn’t as much information about this theatre, so you may have to use a little imagination mixed with the facts that there are!

Activity 3 Prediction/Summarising Skills

Activity: Write a report, from the archaeologist who made the discovery, to his boss explaining what he has found and why this find is so significant.

Challenge: Write a reply back from the boss to the archaeologist with further instructions…



Additional Subjects


Mark Kistler is hosting a live drawing session every weekday at 5pm.

Rob Biddulph is also hosting a Draw-A-Long every Tuesday and Thursday.

Ideas for being creative outdoors can be found here.



If you would like to practice your touch typing you can visit Typing Club or Nitro Typing. Both are free to sign up for.

Educode Academy also offer 30 minutes of free coding time each day.

ThinkUKnow has also developed a pack of 15 minute activities for you to do at home that explore different aspects of online safety. Each fortnight, they will release a series of new activities.



Please find below the activity sheet to accompany the video sent out on Tuesday 23rd June 2020.

French vocabulary review

You can also find below a list of websites that have a range of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities to support the learning of French:


Handwriting & Spelling

If you would like to practice more spellings, Spelling Frame has home learning opportunities for you to work on. Pen Pals, the scheme of handwriting UCPS follows, is currently also offering resources for free.

Year 5 and Year 6 Statutory Spelling List

Our spelling focus this week is ‘ei’ after ‘c’.

Activity: Your spelling words are deceive, receive, perceive, ceiling.

Challenge: Use these words in a sentence.



Active History is offering one month free access to their simulations, games and quizzes. They cover a broad range of historical eras.



AvantiSchools are providing free daily well being opportunities. “Stay home and be well.” You can register and find the videos here.

Outdoor mindfulness activities

Free 30-day mindfulness challenge for families



Singing is a great way to lift your spirits and connect with those around you. You can find songs with music and lyrics to sing on the SingUp website.


National Celebrations Challenges

As a community, our country celebrates a range of diverse and interesting themes. Each week, you can find here challenges and brain teasers related to some of these celebrations. This week:



If you would like to challenge your brain with some fun thinking visit this website for weekly challenges, riddles and games.


P.E and Games

Although we’re spending more time indoors, there are lots of things you and your family can do to keep fit and healthy! including:

  • Tokyo Ten Activities – All you need is 10 minutes and simple equipment, and you will find discover new, simple ways to get moving.
  • Get Active Activity Guide from Get Set

This week we have also started sending out videos from Premier Sport to help keep you fit and healthy. We hope you enjoy them!

Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports have teamed up to unite the country through sport this summer with National School Sport Week At Home. It will take place between Saturday 20 June and Friday 26 June and you can find a range of activities, along with more information, here



Last week in Virtual Gardening Club, we told you about the photography competition for National Insect Week. From Monday 22nd June the competition is open. Good luck!

You can find daily science activities and challenges at the Children’s University and Club SciKidz. Science Spot also offers ideas of science you can do at home, as well as Mystery Science, which is free for now.


Sustrans Outside In

Walking, cycling and scooting are great ways to contribute to keeping us active and healthy in body and mind. During this time where we are mostly required to stay at home, these activities become harder to do so. Sustrans Outside In therefore aims to provide ideas and inspiration to bring health and wellbeing activities into the home.