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Welcome back – I hope you enjoyed the Easter break as best as you could and everyone remains safe and well. The main news is that the structure...


Welcome back – I hope you enjoyed the Easter break as best as you could and everyone remains safe and well.

The main news is that the structure of the home learning videos is changing slightly and will now look like this:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 1 Maths and 1 English video each day

Thursday and Friday: 1 topic video each day

With regards to the structure of this, I will introduce each day (with a little help from Martha) in the Maths video as people were generally completing this first thing in the day. I will then always read some of the class book at the end of every English lesson. If children do no other learning over the coming weeks, please encourage them to listen to the story (they can doodle along, I’m not doing anything particularly special that needs to be seen) or read their own book.

Resources can be found below and will be posted the day before each video, as before. For ease, I have created a booklet of all of the English activities over the whole half term and this can be downloaded from below – you will only need this document and nothing else. It does not need to be printed off. I have created it using snippets of Year 7 learning in order to aid the children’s transition over the coming months.

For any other learning activities, please see the previous blog post as this has the most comprehensive list of websites and activities that I have available.

Monday 20.4.20


Decimals as Fractions Monday


Booklet for the entire half term: Dystopian Writing – Home Learning Booklet

Optional/extra learning mentioned in the video:

Talk for Writing Booklets (Year 6 version and Year 6/7/8 version available at the bottom of page)



Answers to the microscope challenge:

  • Bee antenna
  • Stinging nettle
  • Bone (of a pigeon..!)

BBC Daily lessons:


Check out #ArtJumpStart on Twitter – a new daily challenge using everyday items/cardboard (you don’t need an account to view the challenges, 22 so far..)

Tuesday 21.4.20


Decimals as Fractions Tuesday

Wednesday 22.4.20


Decimals as Fractions Wednesday

Earth Day resources

Earth Day 2020 ideas

One Moment, One People home resources

One Moment One People Lyrics and Links

Earth Day activities

Writing prompts for Earth Day

Thursday 23.4.20

Coding Thursday

Friday 24.4.20

Coding Friday

Amazon ‘Future Engineer Programme’ – aimed at KS3, but would highly recommend, especially to those interested in exploring coding further.

NB: If you cannot get onto Scratch for any reason – I recommend checking out Code.org’s weekly Code Break challenges, especially the ones aimed at older children.