What’s your superpower?

Continuing our immersion into the world of the Greek gods this week saw us imagining what our superpower would be if we travelled back in time and were...


Continuing our immersion into the world of the Greek gods this week saw us imagining what our superpower would be if we travelled back in time and were an ancient Greek god or goddess. We used poetry as our conduit to express how our god would move, speak and what their interests would be – all through the power of VERBS!

Alongside writing our poems about the god/goddess in English, we also explored poetic features in Guided Reading – mainly focusing on rhyming couplets. Below is the text we used this week to look at rhyming couplets and practice our prediction and inference:

The Minotaur Poem

In maths, we started our week by revising rounding to 10,100,1000 and moved on addition with regrouping for the remainder of the week, recapping column addition and using place value to aid us with mental addition. We also practiced our addition through a range of reasoning problems.

Maths Worksheets Week 6

We continued to look at the concept of bullying in our PSHE lesson this week, but through the lens of cyber bullying. We recapped which devices the children have access to out of school and how important it is to seek permission and advice from adults at home before using them or downloading/accessing any content. We also discussed strategies in dealing with a cyber-bully, including blocking users and talking to parents and carers immediately after it happens at home.

Remember that all issues online can be reported to the CEOP. This Cyber Bullying Poster also gives more information about online bullying and how to deal with it.

In topic we looked at the Olympics then & now and compared what is different about the modern day Olympics and what traditions we have carried forwards from Ancient Greece. We did this by creating a Venn diagram.

In science we explored Archimedes’ principle and completed a scientific investigation, here is a video explaining how ships float https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06TFRgPlmxU.

Next week:

We are going to have a focus on healthy living and physical activity as we all know how important this is for everyone’s wellbeing and growth. The inspiration came from the BMI can do it challenge, which we encourage you all to sign up  to as individuals or as a family https://www.bmicandoit.co.uk/.  The children will be taking part in different types of physical activity with their class: these include the friendship run competition throughout the week, yoga and a whole school virtual run. Children are invited to bring in pictures to share what they do at home to support their health and wellbeing, these will contribute to a whole school healthy living display. We hope you will join us in celebrating the value of physical activity.

Physical activity and healthy living challenges Virtual-Friendship-Run-Log-Book

Physical activity and healthy living challenges

  • English – Developing the god/goddess that was created this week.
  • Maths – Subtraction of 4-digit numbers using column method https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zy2mn39/articles/zc78srd.
  • Guided Reading – Continuing with short stories about Greek mythology .
  • Topic – Collaging the god/goddess that the children invented in their poems.
  • Science –Continuing with our learning of Greek philosophers. Next week: Anaxagorax, who discovered that the moon reflects light from the sun.
  • PSHE – Finishing off our bullying sequence of lessons for this half term.
  • Handwriting – Our handwriting focus will be break letters: x, z. Our spelling words are: exercise, experiment, extreme, zigzag, zoologist, prize.

Key Information for Year 4:

  • End of term Friday 23rd October 2020 at end of the school day. Term begins Monday 2nd November 2020.
  • Children must bring in a coat and water bottle to school.
  • Reading books and reading records are given out on Tuesdays to be returned by the Friday of that week or the following week.