Super Sports Day!

Super Sports Day!   We have had a great week in Year 4 this week. We have been on a local walk around Eddington and really enjoyed Sports...


Super Sports Day!


We have had a great week in Year 4 this week. We have been on a local walk around Eddington and really enjoyed Sports Day on Tuesday.


Each class went on a walk around Eddington to discover more about the local wildlife as part of our topic and science learning. We went to Brook Leys Lake and during our time there, spotted and identified different animals and their habitats. The children were highly engaged and each class found different animals on their visits.

It was wonderful to celebrate Sports Day together on Tuesday. The children did us all proud and demonstrated our school values throughout. They all put in a huge effort and enthusiastically supported each other during the races.  We are looking forward to finding out the results on Monday!


In English this week, we have been developing our note-taking skills. Connected to our local area and science topics, we have been learning about the importance of bees. We have been learning how to identify the information that is relevant to answering a specific question. Our question this week has been: Why are bees important? In English next week, we will be finding out more about the importance of bees and using persuasive language to create a poster that persuades others that they are important. We are looking forward to a visit from a beekeeper on Monday to help us build our understanding of the importance of bees.


In Maths this week, we have been learning about coordinates and translating points on a grid. The children have learnt that they look at the x axis first and then the y axis to find the coordinates of a point. They have been practising translating points from one point to another on a grid and describing the movement using left, right, up and down. They have applied this to shapes on a grid and have practised translating shapes from one part of a grid to another. Next week, we will be investigating and classifying a range of polygons.

In STEM this week, we have been building on our learning about classifying animals and used close observation to find out more about them. The children learnt about the photography of Levon Biss and looked at some examples of his close-up photographs of invertebrates. They then went out into the school grounds to collect animals that they could observe closely in our special bug collection pots. They used magnifying glasses to observe the animals closely and create a detailed observational drawing of them.

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading, we have read up to chapter 27 of Wild Robot by Peter Brown.


We were lucky enough to be invited to watch the dress rehearsal of We Will Rock You by the Year 5 and 6 students on Thursday. We really enjoyed it and were very impressed by their amazing voices, acting and professionalism. We wish them all the best for their final performance tonight!


Timetable for the summer term:

Each class will have two PE sessions a week. Here is the timetable for PE:

Monday – Thames (indoor)

Tuesday – Nile (outdoor), Amazon (indoor)

Thursday – Amazon (outdoor), Nile (indoor)

Friday – Thames (outdoor)

Please make sure your children have their PE kit in school. If your child has long hair, please ensure they have a hairband to tie it up.


Other notices

Please ensure your child has their sun hat, a bottle of water and sunscreen in school every day.

As highlighted in the newsletter, please can we have your help in gathering clean glass jars (jam jars, spice jars) for our Year 4 STEAM learning as well as corrugated cardboard, cardboard envelopes (no labels on them), black bed sheets, metal frame backpacks for Art.