Exploring Eddington!

Welcome back to the final term of the year. We hope you all had a good half term break. We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning...


Welcome back to the final term of the year. We hope you all had a good half term break. We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning in the weeks ahead!

In English this week, we have started an author study. We have been finding out about the author, Anne Fine, and her books. The children have really enjoyed browsing and reading different Anne Fine novels and identified common themes across them. They noticed that she writes about childhood, families, school life, animals and embarrassing moments! They really enjoyed the humour of her books and wrote a recommendation about Anne Fine books for the library. We are reading the story, Diary of a Killer Cat and next week, the children will be writing their own versions of this story with a different animal as the narrator. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying and learning about Anne Fine books:

In Maths this week, we have been learning about angles. The children have learnt that angles are the measurement of the amount of turning between two straight lines and are measured in degrees. They practised identifying right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles and then used this knowledge to help them order and compare them. This week we have also started learning about lines of symmetry and practised identifying lines of symmetry in regular and irregular shapes. We will be continuing this work next week.

Sheets for Week 1: Maths W1

The children have been working very hard to learn and practise their times tables and we are very proud of them for all their hard work. We will be doing the Year 4 Multiplication Check throughout next week in small groups. Please continue to encourage your child to practise their times tables at home, using Times Tables Rock Stars. The children’s knowledge of the times tables will support them with lots of learning across the maths curriculum.


Our new topic this half term is Our Eddington. During this topic, we will be finding out about the ecology and geography of Eddington. We started the topic with an introduction about the history of Eddington. We learnt about the people who the streets are named after and created a fact file to share our learning about our local area with others.

Connected to our topic, our new Science focus for the half term is living things and their habitats. We started this topic by learning about how to classify living things. We learnt that there are 7 characteristics that things need to have in order to be living things. To help us remember the characteristics, we used an acronym: MRS GREN

M = Move

R = Reproduce

S = Sensitive

G = Grow

R = Respire

E = Excrete

N = Nutrition

The children made amazing fact files to help Year 2 children learn about the characteristics of living things. Here are some examples of the work they did:

In PE this term, we are doing rounders during our outdoor lessons. During our indoor sessions, we will be doing dance.

At home, the children can use the RealPE at Home log ins to support their learning.


Guided Reading

In Guided Reading, we have started an exciting new book: Wild Robot by Peter Brown This week, we have read Chapters 1 and 2. The tasks we have done this week are here: GR Week 1



Next week:

  • Multiplication check in small groups throughout the week
  • SRE sessions will start in class next week. Please see the email that was sent to you earlier in the term with information about this.


Timetable for the summer term:

Each class will have two PE sessions a week. Here is the timetable for PE:

Monday – Thames (indoor)

Tuesday – Nile (outdoor), Amazon (indoor)

Thursday – Amazon (outdoor), Nile (indoor)

Friday – Thames (outdoor)

Please make sure your children have their PE kit in school. If your child has long hair, please ensure they have a hairband to tie it up.


Other notices

Please ensure your child has their sun hat, a bottle of water and sunscreen in school every day. The no hat, no play policy will start to be implemented as the weather gets warmer.

As highlighted in the newsletter, please can we have your help in gathering clean glass jars (jam jars, spice jars) for our Year 4 STEAM learning as well as corrugated cardboard, cardboard envelopes (no labels on them), black bed sheets, metal frame backpacks for Art.