Writing Showcase

What a week! Year 3 have impressed us all no end this week. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday they wrote writing showcases that blew us away,...


What a week! Year 3 have impressed us all no end this week. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday they wrote writing showcases that blew us away, filled with incredible setting descriptions that made us feel like we were experiencing another world. We picked up the idea of the story “Return”, which sees a character using a magical crayon to draw a doorway to another place. We imagined we were doing it too and stepped through into a land of our own imagining. Here is some of our work, proudly presented for all to see.

In English, we looked at using direct speech after our writing showcase. This meant putting all that macaroni in the right place along with commas and full stops….. Macaroni?!! Oops, I meant speech marks.

We returned to the story of Kensuke’s Kingdom from last week for our context and practised writing speech sentences that some of the characters might use.

In maths, our week was split as we finished off our focus on multiplicative links to arrays – for now – and returned to addition and subtraction for a quick recap of the column method. Some of our maths lessons this week had worksheets, while some were based on journalling – all of them had challenges, so you can view the printable worksheets and the challenges here if you’d like another go.

In guided reading, we continued Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson. We are fast racing towards the end (pulled by a dog sled, of course) and can’t wait to find out what happened to Matthew Henson, who was an overlooked real-life figure.

In science we continued to look at how the ear works with a closer investigation of different frequencies of sounds, while in R.E we were learning about Christmas and discussing its differing meaning for Christians and non-Christians.

This term in Physical Education we are focussing on social skills indoors, tennis skills outdoors.

You can practise these by logging into your REAL PE at home class account https://real.jasmineactive.com/login and trying out the Unit 2 challenges.

You can also try and challenge yourself with this at home challenge:


Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Year 3 Team


Next Week:

In English, we will continue our practise of using direct speech via the writing of a short narrative about Kensuke and the other characters from Michael Morpurgo’s classic novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom.

In maths, we get a little deeper into column addition, looking at exchanging.



Next Thursday is our Christmas Extravaganza event – hope to see you there!

Please make sure children are wearing jumpers and coats to school now that the weather is getting really cold. Brrr!!