We’re poets and we didn’t even know it!

How can there only be one more week in Autumn 1? Everyone from Maple, Redwood and Oak has continued to work hard this week, striving to maintain the...


How can there only be one more week in Autumn 1? Everyone from Maple, Redwood and Oak has continued to work hard this week, striving to maintain the school values and collaborate with their peers.

We’ve now moved on from Homer and The Odyssey and this week we turned our attention to writing Greek-themed poetry. As we have been learning so much about them through the stories we’ve been reading both in English and in guided reading, we thought it would be a good idea to focus on the Greek gods… only this time we worked in groups to design our own!

Throughout the week we worked on using powerful verbs and similes before putting everything we’d learnt together to write a poem about the god we created.

In maths, we moved on from place value and began looking at addition. After practicing our number bonds to 100, we looked at adding multiples of 100 and then advanced to adding 2-digit and 1-digit numbers. On Thursday we pushed ourselves to replace the 2-digit numbers with 3-digits and then our learning for the week culminated in a very practical lesson using dienes to build the numbers today!

In our guided reading sessions we continued the focus on poetry while adding another Greek myth to our repertoire, reading a poem about the story of Theseus and the minotaur. In topic, we learnt all about the original Olympic games in ancient Greece and compared what we saw to what the Olympic games are like today (and what they would’ve been like this year!). This week’s science lesson brought us to Archimedes and we tested his scientific principles regarding the displacement of water. In PSHE we moved on from our identification and discussions around how to deal with bullying last week to zero in on cyberbullying. We discussed how to stay safe online and were even able to make posters with specific advice for particular devices.


In English we will continue to develop the god that we created this week by expanding their backstory and creating a fact file about them.

In maths we will have a short break from number and start exploring shape.


Next week, we are going to have a focus on healthy living and physical activity as we all know how important this is for everyone’s wellbeing and growth. The inspiration came from the BMI can do it challenge, which we encourage you all to sign up  to as individuals or as a family https://www.bmicandoit.co.uk/.  The children will be taking part in different types of physical activity with their class: these include the friendship run competition throughout the week, yoga and a whole school virtual run. Children are invited to bring in pictures to share what they do at home to support their health and wellbeing, these will contribute to a whole school healthy living display. We hope you will join us in celebrating the value of physical activity.

Please make sure the children are bringing in appropriate shoes for outside wear e.g. trainers.

Please bring reading books in on Mondays, ready to be changed on Tuesdays.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Year 3 Team