The Rescue! (w.c. 13th July)

The Rescue! To make sure you are ready for 2020-21 here are some key learning goals for you to think of: Year 3 to 4 readiness Welcome to...


The Rescue!

To make sure you are ready for 2020-21 here are some key learning goals for you to think of: Year 3 to 4 readiness

Welcome to week 3, the last week of your ‘UCPSpace’ project learning and the final week of your online learning before the holidays!

Hooray! You have found a fuel source and are now ready to re-launch your rockets to find and rescue your new teachers, ready for September! This week is the final week. Will you be successful in your mission?

Unlock challenges

  • Your unlock challenges are integrated into your learning for this week.

Monday 13th July


This week we will be exploring the link between multiplication and division.

UCPSpace Project 1: You have received a strange coded message from the teacher’s…can you create your own code and send a message of reassurance back to them?

Tuesday 14th July


UCPSpace Project 2: Oh no! The teacher’s have been separated in a blizzard on their planet. Captain Sharman finds some clues…objects that represent each teacher.

  • Can you think about which items you would use to best represent you? You could gather the items and put them into a box. Maybe you could draw a sketch or create a collage of the objects that best describe you. Make sure you are able to explain why you chose each of these items.
  • There is no sheet template for today.


  • Today you will be exploring with Ms Janes the people who make up the pieces of your heart (video link will be emailed).

Wednesday 15th July


UCPSpace Project 3: You now know the location of where your new teacher is stranded…can you go and rescue them?

  • Create a comic strip of the action scene where you discover your teacher in danger and show how you manage to rescue them.
  • You can use these templates (option of either 6 boxes or 9): Comic Strip Templates
  • Don’t forget to use subordination (when, if, because).

Thursday 16th July


UCPSpace Project 4: Congratulations! You have reached the last day of your mission and have successfully rescued your new teacher! What a relief! As you travel back in your rocket with your new teacher, spend some time getting to know them.

  • Draw a sketch of a picture that links to your new class name using this: Creative expression of your class name
  • Once you have drawn this, write in one colour what questions you might want to ask your new teacher.
  • In another colour, write down words, phrases and captions that you think best describe you – let your teacher know a little bit about you.
  • Enjoy the journey back to Earth and back to UCPS…

Wellbeing: Gardening (video link will be emailed to you).

Friday 17th July


We hope that you enjoy your Virtual Jump Up Day today!

See you all soon!

We want to say a HUGE well done children for completing your space mission!

More than that though, from all of your teachers, we want to say how very proud we are of you and all that you have accomplished this year. It has been rather different than we all expected but you have shown such amazing courage and resilience. We really hope that you and your families have a really restful summer break – it is well deserved!

We can’t WAIT to see you all in September.

Until then…over and out!