Sing a Forest Tune

What a fantastic week this has been! The children have really enjoyed the extra topic lessons we have had this week, which included constructing their board games and...


What a fantastic week this has been! The children have really enjoyed the extra topic lessons we have had this week, which included constructing their board games and writing instructions for them so the Year 1 and 2 children can play them. The construction lesson was focused around using DT and maths skills, ensuring that the measurements were accurate and that the game was well suited for Key Stage 1 children. The games look amazing and we hope we all get a chance to play them!

In maths, we continued looking at multiplication and division, and this week we have focused on the 8 times table and its connection to the 2s and 4s. It’s great to hear that the children have been enjoying TT Rockstars so much, and we can definitely see how much they have learnt since they began playing. The worksheets from the lessons can be found here if you would like to have another go: Maths 1 Maths 2 Maths 3 Maths 4. We have also been singing times table songs to help us to remember them, which can be found below:

In English, we have been learning about explanation texts and studied inventions, such as a pencil sharpener, bike bell and toilet flush. We then wrote our own explanation texts to explain how these work. Subordinating conjunctions have been our grammar focus this week and we have used ‘I SAW A WABUB’ to remember which conjunctions we can apply to enhance our writing.

In STEM, we investigated which materials conduct and insulate electricity and why this happens. We had great fun hunting around the classroom for materials we could try. We have been using a great website to build circuits, which can be found here if you would like to try it at home.

In forest school, we wrote and performed songs as popstars and rockstars about the forest using natural forest materials, and we created wooden medallions using bow saws and hand drills. The songs were incredible, and the teachers and learning coaches were so impressed by what the children came up with for their performances!

As mentioned on the blog last week, this term, year 3 have started to undertake spelling lessons. The teachers all trained in the Sounds Write approach last term and the year 3 children have enjoyed learning all about how letters are symbols of sounds. Here is a link to Mr Drane’s curriculum presentation explaining a bit more about Sounds Write from the beginning of the year. He talks all about reading and the Sounds Write approach for the first few minutes. Here you can watch a video modelling pronunciation of letter sounds (as opposed to letter names). Next week, we will be focussing on the sounds /u/ and /s/ and the spelling <ou>. Below, you can see a list of example words to practice spelling with these sounds:

Next Week:

Next week we will be celebrating children’s Mental Health Week. This will be a busy week full of assemblies, mindfulness sessions, stories and creative learning to reflect on how we grow and change. Here are some ideas to discuss these important topics at home:

We are looking forward to the Family Zumba charity event on Thursday 10th at 4.30PM. Some teachers and staff will all be taking part so we look forward to seeing many of you dancing virtually.

On Friday 11th children in Year 3 can come dressed in green for our diversity celebration.

In maths, we will continue multiplication and division, looking at the 9 times table and the best way we can solve 9 times table equations. In English, we will be having an RE focus and will be looking at the miracles that are written in the bible. 

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Best wishes,

Year 3 Team