Odysseus and the Scylla

We are well into the swing of things this term and have been thoroughly enjoying immersing ourselves in the story of Odysseus. One of the ways that we...


We are well into the swing of things this term and have been thoroughly enjoying immersing ourselves in the story of Odysseus. One of the ways that we bring the story to life is through ‘active storytelling’ where the children become the characters in the story and act it out themselves. They are experts at imagining what each character might be thinking and feeling.

This week, we have been particularly impressed with the way that each class has experimented with sentence openers to see how they can change the meaning of a sentence. The children loved acting out various openers and came up with some extraordinary and imaginative ones!

We will continue to follow Odysseus’ journey next week, taking on a more innovative role as authors as we write ‘The lost chapter’. We hope to see the children include some of these amazing sentence openers in their writing.

Each class had the opportunity to get messy with clay this week, by bringing their greek pot design into reality. We learnt how to blend the clay together to create a smooth join, and then carefully added intricate designs to the clay, similar to the designs and patterns seen on the original Greek artefacts.

In maths this week, we have been learning about the position of numbers on a number line. This can be complicated when the number lines are going up in different intervals. We have been impressed with the way the children have used their reasoning skills this week, and persevered when it has been tricky. It is particularly rewarding to see the children coaching and helping each other in their learning.

Maths worksheets from this week can be found below if you would like to revisit them with your child at home:

Au1 W3 Maths Worksheets

In Guided Reading, we have been learning about the story of King Midas and his ‘golden touch’. The children have made predictions about what they think will happen next in the story, and have also considered what they would wish for if they had the chance!

Our spelling activities based on the |ei| sound, can be downloaded here if you wish to practice at home. Repetition is key so do keep going over them! Spelling Week 4


In English the children will be writing their own ‘lost chapter’ of the Odyssey, using a range of sentence openers and expanded noun phrases to vary the interest for the reader.

In Maths our focus will be looking at number lines in a real life context – the context of weights and measures. Children will learn to identify the intervals on the scale and identify the measurement.


  • From the 5th of October the new drop off window will be 8.25-8.35am and the pick up window is from 3.00-3.10pm
  • Water bottles and healthy snacks to come in each day
  • A family photo to come in for our class family board – let’s celebrate our diversity!
  • PE – please start to bring warm clothes in for outside PE and a change of shoes.

We wish you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

Year 3 Team