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The first half-term of year 3 has absolutely flown by, as has our ancient Egypt topic. We have spent the past 7 weeks exploring dark tombs, uncovering glittering...


The first half-term of year 3 has absolutely flown by, as has our ancient Egypt topic. We have spent the past 7 weeks exploring dark tombs, uncovering glittering sarcophaguses and excavating hidden treasures, but now it’s time to leave Tutankhamun and the desert sands behind and move onto our new topic… Survival! We can’t wait!

In English, this week we brought together everything we’ve learnt over the half-term, using our knowledge of adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and using the past tense to design and write a fact file on a topic of our choice. Researching an ancient Egyptian area of our choice really motivated us to create some fantastic work with eye-catching designs and informative paragraphs.

In maths, our number and place value topic came to an end. We began the week by addressing some of the points we had found difficult over the earlier part of the half-term and brought the topic to an inspiring end that saw us solving a complex problem requiring multiple steps, then writing our own.

We also enjoyed the first of many science-dedicated mornings. Dr Biddulph wrote us a letter asking for our help deciding on what stone to use for the new paving stones in the school courtyard, knowing that we have been learning about rocks all term. To help him decide, we tested a variety of rocks for durability, slipperiness and cost and the teachers have passed on our recommendations.

In guided reading, The Firework Maker’s Daughter came to a roaring conclusion with the firework competition taking place while Lalchand’s life lay in the balance. Thank goodness for Lila’s three gifts – which share some overlap with our school values!!! This is a brilliant text that I’m sure some children would enjoy re-reading at home.

The absolute highlight of our week, however, was the ancient Egyptian museum we put on for our friends in year 2 on Thursday afternoon. We set up stations all about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, amulets, hieroglyphics, pyramids and more. This was also our chance to display our specialist learning we’d done in English – hopefully all the year 2 children can’t wait to come up to this quad now. Not sure whether they all enjoyed being mummified though…

Wishing you all a wonderful half-term break.

Year 3 Team



Our family boards in the classrooms are now fully grown, though there seems to be the odd picture missing. It would be really wonderful to have everyone’s picture up, so please do send in a photograph with your child or email one to if you haven’t already.

Please remember to make a note in your child’s reading record every time you read with them, or have them write a comment and just sign it each week. It’s imperative to a child’s continued reading development that they are regularly reading aloud with an adult and the reading record helps to identify focus areas of learning.


After Half-Term:

In English, we will be moving to a narrative focus and reading the brilliant story “The Journey” by Francesca Sanna, focussing first on sentence-level punctuation and grammar.

In maths, we move to addition, beginning with partitioning 2-digit numbers to add them and swiftly progressing to 3.