Mongering through the Iron (and Stone) Age!

This week’s learning in Year 3:  English  In English this week we had a blast trying out our dramatic skills in order to learn more about adverbs. This...


This week’s learning in Year 3: 


In English this week we had a blast trying out our dramatic skills in order to learn more about adverbs. This week we are extending our knowledge und using fronted adverbials in our writing. Our stimulus was taken from our project learning about the Stone and Iron Age, please see below learning links to complement what we’ve been doing in class:

Life in Iron Age Britain | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach – YouTube

Forts and tribes in Iron Age Britain | History – Ancient Voices – YouTube


Congratulations to Redwood class for winning the Times Tables Rock Stars tournament between the Year 3 classes! Please continue to increase your scores on TT rockstars. We love seeing everyone’s progress. In maths this week we have moved on from subtraction and onto using arrays as a starter to multiplication. We had many practical and role play lessons having fun building, problem solving and drawing our arrays! 

Guided Reading 

We continue to enjoy hearing about the adventures of Barney and Stig in ‘Stig of the Dump’.  The children are engaging really well with the narrative.   


Year 3 are currently learning all about Forces (e.g. gravity, magnetism, friction) through a range of practical activities such as ‘playing’ with magnets around the classroom, investigating what was magnetic and what wasn’t. We discussed different types of forces and how we might ask questions, create investigations, methods and then experiments to find out our results. We shared what surprised us and interesting findings from our experiments.  


We have been considering the Christian concept of miracles and learning about some which Christians believe Jesus Christ did for others – another form of ‘force’, in this case, the power of the Christian god.  We reviewed our previous learning, re-watched a re-enactment of Jesus healing the paralysed man. We then reviewed whether truth equates to meaning. This week we wrote diary entries imagining we were witnessing Jesus “healing” the paralysed man and shared our ideas. We had so many questions! 


We are greatly enjoying learning all about how Britain changed from the stone age until the arrival of the Romans. This week we were learning about how and why life changed between the Bronze age and the Iron age. To re-watch the videos we discussed in history please click here.  


In PE, we continued with our cricket lessons, welcoming our Chance To Shine cricket coach to UCPS on Friday, as well our weekly sessions led by Premier Sport coaches. 

Forest School 

This week we continued exploring the forest and getting closer to nature by drawing, playing in the woods and building dens. A favourite activity this week was our beautiful Forest eye weaving. All you need is two twigs, and different coloured yarns. Have a look at our picture above for some colour to brighten up the end of your week! 



Please ensure your child has their PE kit and Forest School kit in school, thank you!  


Thank you! 

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