Learning links for w/c 11th May

Welcome back to another week of online learning, we hope you had a lovely long weekend! Here is an uplifting video shared by Mr Smith. You could use...


Welcome back to another week of online learning, we hope you had a lovely long weekend!

Here is an uplifting video shared by Mr Smith. You could use this as a prompt for a P4C discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJoczdESU24

Here are some questions it made us think of:

What is hope?

How do we know when we can trust someone?

Why should we never give up?

Is is it possible to find joy in making others happy?

Monday 11th May

Maths – This week we will be revising addition and practising column addition.

Column addition L1

English РExciting learning based on the book Until I Met Dudley by Roger McGough. Today you will be learning to use a graphic organiser to generate ideas.

Ideas for explanations L1

Tuesday 12th May

Maths – Column addition L2

English –Sequencing explanations L2 12.05

Wednesday 13th May

Maths – Some websites for your journaling challenge.



English -Adverbials to help you with the writing of your explanation Lesson-3-Linking-adverbs-(Time-adverbials)

Thursday 14th May

French- you will be using all the vocabulary you have learnt from previous lessons to write your own healthy recipe.

Healthy eating sorting sheet bonne sante’ ou mauvais sante’

French kitchen vocabulary

Recette, recipe writing template

Topic: understanding how a classification key works

Liquorice Allsorts

Friday 15th May


This is not additional work but rather a REFOCUS on key aspects you can work on. The UNLOCK CHALLENGE looks at the basics or end of year minimum expectations for each year group. This gives some guidance about key things for children to focus on while they are learning from home and some accompanying resources provided through web links. We hope you find it useful and remember please just do your best.

Unlock Challenge Y3

New Educational Resources (you can find the other links on the blogs from previous weeks)

Well being

Well being AvantiSchools are providing well being opportunity. FREE. DAILY. Stay home and be well. You can register and find the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKgipHTGr75vUPjsVQsj9g


Free online children’s stories: https://sooperbooks.com/?fbclid=IwAR2x25ir2Yahqsg3PPv6j5wzuXRHAtoOlleIA04pbXtj-hzVHObpnUOvNRI

Summer Virtual School Games 

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough School Sports Partnership have invited us to take part in their Virtual School Games. Please see the letter and the activities in the links below, starting with a week of Netball challenges. We hope you will enjoy the games and an element of healthy competition in your households! If you wish to submit your entries, there are also prizes to be won. Good luck!

Virtual School Games -Letter to parents