Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful term it has been. All three classes have truly risen to the challenges that being in Key Stage 2 has brought and are growing into...


What a wonderful term it has been. All three classes have truly risen to the challenges that being in Key Stage 2 has brought and are growing into mature, responsible and hardworking year 3s!

In the final week of our Survival topic, our English learning focussed on using direct speech. Imagining how the story of Kensuke’s Kingdom would have been different had Kensuke been able to speak English, we wrote the would-be conversation between Michael and Kensuke.

In maths, we continued looking at the column method with an in-depth look at exchanging across columns in addition. We began with exchanging ones, then tens and finally both together! You can view the worksheets and the challenges here if you’d like to have another go.

In guided reading, we finished off Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson. We are SO glad that Matthew Henson finally got the recognition he deserved, even if it was a very long time coming.

In science, we experimented with different materials to see what would be best to make ear defenders for Mr Bear from the story Peace At Last. We discussed how to ensure our experiment was a fair test and considered how to improve it next time should we repeat the experiment, and chose our own way of representing the results.

The big event of the week, however, was our turn in the Art room with Mrs Smith to make some festive calendars. Maple already went last week, but this week Redwood and Oak got to have a go. We were then able to put them on sale for Thursday’s night extravaganza!

This term in Physical Education we are focussing on social skills indoors, tennis skills outdoors. You can practise these by logging into your REAL PE at home class account https://real.jasmineactive.com/login and trying out the Unit 2 challenges.

You can also try and challenge yourself with this at home challenge:


After Christmas:

Our new topic is Inventions.

In English, the first week back is Book Week. We’ll be reading the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Steadfast Tin Solider and using it as a base from which to consolidate our use of direct speech.

In maths, we’ll continue our development of the column method, looking at subtraction.

In guided reading, we’ll be moving on to The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket, the first instalment in A Series of Unfortunate Events, picked partially because the eldest of the Baudelaire siblings is a great inventor and partially because it’s a great story that will challenge and absorb our children!

Also – FOREST SCHOOL!!!! Maple will have forest school on Mondays, Redwood on Tuesdays and Oak on Fridays. Children need to bring long-sleeves and trousers for this. Unlike P.E kit, forest school kit is brought to school and taken home each week.


Wishing you a restful and safe winter break with your families.

Best wishes,

Year 3 Team