Dancing into Spring

We have had some fantastic learning from Year 3 this week and can’t believe it was our last full week of learning this term! We have been rehearsing...


We have had some fantastic learning from Year 3 this week and can’t believe it was our last full week of learning this term! We have been rehearsing our dances for the Around the World event next week, finishing our portal stories, experimenting with escape lanes in STEM and enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine in cricket.

In maths, we continued learning about fractions, focusing on the denominator and numerator. We learnt how to write fractions from a picture and understood that a fraction is a part that has been shaded out of the whole. We also learnt how to apply fractions to different contexts, such as with cutting a quarter off a strip of paper, and we played a great game, which can be found here: https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/fraction-matcher/latest/fraction-matcher_en.html. If you would like to consolidate your learning, the maths worksheets can be found here: Maths sheets wk5.

In English, we completed the final sections of our portal stories. Having travelled through our portals to a new setting, we wrote setting descriptions, making sure we used interesting adjectives. We then looked at encountering a problem in our new setting, making sure we developed our plan to include the steps of the problem, including encountering the problem, describing the problem, trying to fix the problem, failing and eventually fixing the problem. We then wrote this part of our portal story, using direct speech in our writing, and we finished our stories with an interesting ending. The portal stories are looking fantastic and the Year 3 teachers are very proud of the children for their writing and creativity.

In guided reading, we continued reading ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning’ and following the Baudelaire children’s misfortune with Count Olaf. We finished Chapter 12 and will be finishing reading the story next week. If you’d like to read the sequel once we’re done with ‘The Bad Beginning’, the next book is ‘The Reptile Room’.

In topic, we learnt about African drumming, the meaning connected to using the djembe drum and how to play them correctly.

In STEM, we created escape lanes and investigated which surface would be the best for stopping a car the quickest and why.

In art, we have been creating our around the world artwork for the event next week, which look fantastic!

In P.E, we continued with our outdoor cricket and indoor dance lessons. We are working on our dance to “On My Way” and can’t wait to show it off to you all in the last week of term!

Today was Neurodiversity Day and we learnt about how we are all unique and should celebrate our differences, including how our brains work and how we all think differently.


Next Week:

We will be carrying out lots of preparations for our Around the World event, which will be happening on Tuesday. The event will begin at 2pm with a dance showcase, where each class will perform a dance based on travelling around the world. Following this, there will be a variety of stalls, designed and run by the children that showcase our learning from this term. As part of this, the children will be selling artwork they have made and there will be refreshments that you can purchase. The money raised from this will be donated to the Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign. More information about the charity can be found on their website: https://www.cambridgerefugees.org/. If you would like to make any purchases, we ask that you bring cash on the day as we will not have a card machine.

Every child will be performing the dance in their PE kit, so please ensure your child’s full PE kit is in school on Monday and Tuesday.

We will have an RE morning on Wednesday, where we will be learning about the Easter story and why Jesus’ death is important to Christians.


Every child is bringing their annual reports home at the end of today.

From 21st March until 1st April is the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel, previously called the Big Pedal. We are proud to take part, helping to promote an active school run. We are monitoring how pupils travel to school during these two weeks – there are prizes nationally for the schools that have the most children travelling by bike, scooter or walking. Our best ever finishing position was 312 – not bad for the whole country, but we’re keen to do even better this year. You can read more about it here: https://www.sustrans.org.uk/our-blog/projects/uk-wide/schools/sustrans-big-walk-and-wheel/

Wishing you a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Best wishes,

Year 3 Team