All Things Great and Greek…

Well, what a FABULOUS week of learning we have had! We continue to be blown away by how quickly the children are settling into their new routine; we...


Well, what a FABULOUS week of learning we have had! We continue to be blown away by how quickly the children are settling into their new routine; we are so very proud of them all.

We have loved launching our new topic on Ancient Greece. We have particularly enjoyed delving into Homer’s ‘The Illiad’, focusing especially on the moment the Greeks invaded Troy by hiding in a wooden horse!

We wrote from the perspective of one of the Greek soldiers,  improving our sentences using powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We have been especially practicing using powerful language, thinking of synonyms for words to make them more exciting. In the picture below, “shouted” became “screamed”, “screeched” or “bellowed”.

In Maths, we have been focusing on the place value of 3 digit numbers, knowing for example that in 352 there are “three hundreds, five tens and two ones.” We have been exploring different ways that we can represent these numbers and investigating the number of ways we can show one number.

For example, 236 could be made up of…

  • Two hundreds, three tens and six ones OR
  • One hundred, thirteen tens and six ones OR
  • Twenty three tens and six ones OR
  • Two hundred and thirty six ones

In our Topic and Guided Reading sessions, we have been learning all about the different Ancient Greek deities, from Hera to Poseidon, Athena to Zeus and exploring their different qualities. In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), we have been exploring how we can cope with the uncomfortable emotion of jealousy. We used the relationship between the various Ancient Greek deities as a stimulus, exploring why the Greek gods and goddesses might have had cause to be jealous of each other. We talked about what we can do if we are feeling jealous and created posters to remind ourselves what we can do if the green-eyed monster ever rears its head…

  • Notice: notice that you’re feeling jealous and why you might be feeling this way
  • Talk with someone about how you feel
  • Listen: listen to another person’s perspective – this may help
  • Think: how could you react differently next time you feel this way?

Lots of deep thinking happening this week. All in all, a super week!


English: We will be adventuring into ‘The Odyssey’, the epic sequel to ‘The Illiad’. We will be using this version by Real Reads:

Our grammar focus will be on using expanded noun phrases.

Maths: We will be deepening our understanding of 3 digit numbers. We will particularly develop our reasoning skills by identifying, representing and estimating 3 digit numbers on a number line.


  • Water bottles and healthy snacks to come in each day
  • A family photo to come in for our class family board – let’s celebrate our diversity!
  • PE – please start to bring warm clothes in for outside PE

We wish you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

Year 3 Team