A noble, special type of cat…

We have had a great first week of learning after the Easter break!  We have some exciting projects planned for the coming six weeks in Year 3. English...


We have had a great first week of learning after the Easter break!  We have some exciting projects planned for the coming six weeks in Year 3.


This week we have been reading a selection of poems by Michael Rosen, who recently visited our school for a poetry workshop.  We are using his collection of poems called ‘Jelly Boots Smelly Boots’.  The children have enjoyed reading some poems aloud and discussing why poetry might be enjoyable to listen to, read and to perform.


We moved onto to learning about fractions using our current understanding of part/whole, related to bar models.  We have practiced the stem sentence ‘If [UCPS] is the whole, then [Oak] is part of the whole’ to rehearse this and looked a false statements to check our understanding of this concept.  We have also looked at fractions of shapes, learning that the parts must be equal.


This week we started learning about electricity.  We considered the difference between battery-operated and mains-powered toys and used a Venn Diagram to sort them into three groups.  We then went on to discuss the potential dangers of electricity and how we can keep ourselves save when using it.

Guided Reading

We started reading the book ‘Varjak Paw’, the Mesopotamian Blue kitten – a noble, special type of cat!  We listened carefully to the story and used our understanding to draw our thoughts about Varjak.  We continued reading and used our prediction and inference skills to suggest what might happen next at the ‘Family Council’ meeting, called by Elder Paw after the mysterious men in black entered the Countess’s house.

Next week:

English: We will continue using the  book of poetry ‘Jelly Boots Smelly Boots’ by Michael Rosen, looking at how he writes his poems and using his ‘Down Behind The Dustbins’ poems as a model for writing our own by the end of the week.  We will publishing some of our creative efforts on the blog next week!

Maths: We will build on our understanding of the part-whole relationship in the context of fractions to reinforce our knowledge of ‘equal’ and ‘unequal’ parts and understand how to compare the size of the parts in relation to the whole.  The week’s sheets are available here: Y3 Sum1 W2 MATHS

Science:  We will be learning and understanding about the dangers of electricity.  Using this knowledge, we will create our own safety posters to highlight the dangers to others.  We will begin to understand that electrical dangers are often associated with materials that are good conductors.

Guided Reading: We will continue to explore the strange events in the Countess’s house with Varjak Paw.  You can read ahead here: Y3 SUM1 GR W2

Notices/ Reminders / Requests

DT – we are looking at pneumatic systems in DT over the coming weeks; if you have any used washing-up liquid bottles or ‘squeezy’ bottles, please do send them in next week – a form of recycling!  (We will recycle them once we’ve finished).

PE – all Year 3 classes have PE on a Tuesdays and Fridays.  It doesn’t feel *that* warm yet outside, so adequate outside kit is still needed, please.

With best wishes and thanks

Year 3 Team