Tell Me a Dragon

What an exciting and inspired week of learning we had as we move between fact and fiction, following the children’s interest in mythical creatures. English: We used the...


What an exciting and inspired week of learning we had as we move between fact and fiction, following the children’s interest in mythical creatures.

English: We used the text ‘Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire’ by Beatrice Blue to inspire our English learning. We began with finding out about all the terrible things that the dragon had done to the village and wrote some very powerful messages to the dragon using exclamation marks. After practising this new punctuation mark we then discovered that we had misunderstood the dragon, and the dragon was in fact a lovely but lonely creature in need of friendship, which led to us writing letters of apology and challenging ourselves to remember the different features of a letter and use question marks to ask the dragon to come and play with us – we hope the dragon will forgive us!

In Phonics: we looked at the ‘ea’ spelling and discovered that it could make two different sounds – ‘ae’ as in great or ‘ee’ as in stream. We practiced reading lots of words that had this spelling in them. Can you read any of the words below and decide if they make the ‘ae’ sound when you read them or the ‘ee’ sound?

In Mathematics we challenged our knowledge of place value and developed our problem solving skills by helping King Richard to extend the height of his castles and the width of his moats. The children were tasked with finding out how we could make the castles 20 metres tall or the moats 20 metres wide. They had to use different strategies (concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations were a popular choice) to find the missing amount they would need to reach 20 metres.

In Topic we loved exploring children’s knowledge of dragons, creating our own images and stories about dragons and learning that dragons appear in different forms across different cultures.

In PE we enjoyed participating in our Sports Day and getting involved in some team spirit, cheering on our friends and challenging ourselves to participate in some new races and games. Well done to all the children who got up and tried their best!

Next Week

We are looking forward to meeting families during our learning conversations on Wednesday and Thursday after school, please remember that each time slot is 10 minutes so it is important to turn up promptly to each appointment so that other families are not disadvantaged.

  • In English: inspired by the beautiful book ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris, we will be exploring adjectives to describe different types of dragons, considering their external appearance and internal personalities. We will also be creating our own dragon descriptions.
  • In Phonics: We will be looking at all the variations of the sound ‘oe’ which can be spelt with: o, oa, ow, oe and o-e (split spelling), reading these in words and challenging ourselves to write words containing these sounds.
  • In Mathematics: We will continue to develop our problem solving skills this week using money to find out how much change King Richard II needs to give us for the hard work we have been doing on his castle and moat!
  • In Topic: we will be looking at keeping healthy, human bodies and different types of families in our topic learning, an email has already been sent out to families regarding this to share the materials and concepts that will be covered in these sessions.
  • In PE: We will continue to look at balance and coordination within the context of our Jasmine PE lessons.