Exploring Autumn

What an exciting week it has been! We went exploring our school allotment this week and picked lots of tomatoes, some raspberries and even a few beetroots! The...


What an exciting week it has been!
We went exploring our school allotment this week and picked lots of tomatoes, some raspberries and even a few beetroots! The children were very fascinated by what we could find there and we talked about the different sizes, textures, smells and colours that fruit and vegetables can have. We definitely enjoyed some tomatoes from the allotment for our morning and afternoon snacks too!

Our little artists made some amazing creations out of clay and natural materials like leaves, conkers, acorns and seeds.

They also looked at themselves closely in the mirrors and drew self-portraits! We talked about what they can see and reinforced the vocabulary such as eyes, lips, hair, ears etc.

We continued reading stories about families, focusing on vocabulary related to extended family, like uncle, aunt, cousin, grandad and grandma.

Having seen how our children use the classroom space in the first few weeks, we made a few changes to the layout of our classroom to enhance their playful learning experience. The children have responded very positively and have had fun exploring the new spaces!


Next Week

Focus text: Let’s Make Faces

Other information / Donations

Please don’t forget to apply for a space at University of Cambridge Primary School. Please note that having a place at the Nursery does not guarantee a place at our school!


Fruit and vegetable donations

Building on our experience of the school allotment, we would like to expose the children to a variety of fruit and vegetables. We would be very grateful for donations of interesting, different fruit that we could taste with the children in our class!

Family Festival!

On Friday 21st October the Early Years children and team will be hosting their first Family Festival!

This will run from 2pm until 3.15pm.

We are hoping, that the afternoon will be filled with music, food, dancing and love to celebrate our diverse community.

Many of you have already expressed an interest in joining us and helping out so here are the options-

  1. We invite you and your family to join your child on the afternoon to explore the Festival and learn more about their friends at school. Please feel free to wear traditional celebration outfits for this occasion. You will need to enter through the EYFS gate, sign your child out of their class and then head to the hall for the festival. More information will follow shortly.
  2. Provide a dish of food to share. We would love to offer a selection of foods from different cultures. If you are able to provide a dish then please speak to your child’s teacher to collect an information sign. Please fill in the sign listing all ingredients to ensure all with food allergies can safely enjoy the celebration too. Please note- We will still need to follow the school’s no nuts or seeds policy (Including Coconut).
  3. Represent your country or culture with an activity stand-

Are you, your family or friends able to run a stand at our festival?

This might involve-

~Teaching children to cook a simple traditional dish

~Introducing children to a new language

~Teaching a dance

~Sharing photographs or special items from your country

~Decorating flags

~Writing in different languages

~Any other wonderful ideas you have!

If you have an idea for running a stand then please speak to your child’s teacher. If you’d like to run a stand but are not sure what to do then please also let us know! We’d be happy to share ideas and support each other.

We look forward to seeing you at our Family Festival event and hope to hear from lots of you willing to help us out. Please note, this event will run on the same day as Family Friday (In the morning, you will be invited to go into your child’s school to celebrate their learning.)